Fragile Shipping

Craters & Freighters Northern New Jersey has over two decades of experience handling fragile and hard to ship items. We are the trusted go-to company for many businesses and residential clients who have specialty shipping needs.


Fragile shipping

Fragile Shipping – How We Do It!

Craters & Freighters Northern New Jersey inspects the item being shipped to evaluate packing, cushioning, and crating needs. Our services are different because we don’t simply place your item in a prefabricated box. We understand the hazards that can occur in the shipping process and pack and crate the item in the best way possible to ensure safe and stable transport.

Insurance Coverage

Craters & Freighters Northern New Jersey offers many different types of insurance coverage for your fragile shipments including:

  • Full Coverage Cargo – based on declared value
  • Limited Liability Insurance - lost only


Typically, if a customer elects to purchase our insurance coverage and a value is declared, Craters & Freighters Northern New Jersey will insure the item from the time of pick-up, during the packing and crating process, and finally to delivery.


Fragile Shipping For:

Sensitive Electronics –Require special care and handling. Our team of experts evaluates the needs of the electronics and will build custom floating decks, pack with anti-static and moisture barrier materials, and build a custom secured container.

Fine Art –Top galleries, art dealers, and artists trust Craters & Freighters Northern New Jersey with their fragile one-of-a-kind artwork. All our crates and corrugated containers are custom built and cushioned for the artwork being shipping. Whether it’s a priceless Picasso, delicate encaustic wax painting, or a large stone sculpture, our shipping specialists will handle it with the upmost care and respect. We’ve mastered the art of museum shipping!

Antiques –Appraisers and top auction houses rely on Craters & Freighters Northern New Jersey to pickup and custom pack and crate all kinds of antique items. Craters & Freighters go its start over 21 years ago by shipping antiques, so rest assured you have found the experts! We will custom pack, crate and ship fragile antique jukeboxes, collectibles and family heirlooms just to name a few.


Items we consider in the packaging & shipping process include:

  • Value
  • Insurance Needs
  • Pick-up & Delivery Requirements
  • Fragility Weight & Dimensions
  • Cushioning & Packaging Needs
  • Container Needs such as a Corrugated Box or Wood Crate
  • Transportation Options
  • Special Requirements of the Item
  • Destination Delivery Requirements


Package, crate and ship your valuables with Craters & Freighters by Requesting a Quote today! Craters & Freighters has the expertise that delivers!

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